Welcome to AccuDie Inc.
AccuDie is a Tool and Die Machine shop specializing in the
design, manufacture, and maintenance of small and medium
size metal stamping dies. From simple compound dies to
complicated progressive dies,
we know what to do. We take
great pride in our ability to give our customers simplicity in
design and quality workmanship for a better price. We feel you
won't get a better die for the price anywhere else.

We also provide Tool and Die engineering services. We design
tools, dies, jigs and fixtures
to your specifications. Your
drawings will be produced on a CAD system and printed on
tracing paper with our 24in HP desk jet plotter. You will also be
supplied with a digital copy of your design. With utilization of
our facilities we are able to provide complete design and
construction of your tooling.
175 Country Club Rd
Meadow Lands, PA